Feeling insignificant lately.

When you identify yourself with your ego the pain and suffering starts and slowly consumes you. THe moment you are in presence of something or someone bigger than yourself, your ego disappears in a sense of awe and wonderment and we feel one with all. 

No matter we feel good about ourself when we are in presence of a celebrity or in the vicinity of a marvellous piece of architecture or simply in the presence of wild and wondrous nature. What could be more magnificent than mountains and seas. Can we ever be bigger than those mountains and seas, the sun and the moon and the stars? 

But if i was digressing, why do we feel small when we are in not in presence of these awe inspiring things, why do we feel insignificant when our imaginations fail to see any bigger scheme for us. Do we have constantly search for scenes for something better and bigger than us, to let go of our ego. Can we surrender to the most insignificant being, can we surrender the same way to a lump of garbage like we do in front of the majestic mountains. As finding a piece of garbage is more easy than going to the mountains, isn’t it?