Focus is Overrated?


This is my TODO list, somehow i hate to focus on things and like to do things only when I am ready, i just write my TODO lists with deadline which i never adhere too, I would feel much better if I could finish the “TODO” in my stipulated time, but its such a Kill-JOY, Its almost like I am rebelling against myself by not finishing things on time.Some one has quoted “Focus is overrated”.

Here is chat transcript i had on the same.Hope the reader gets “focused”

Astra: Make a list: (I put mine on a small blackboard scroll and hung it on my wall)

and give energy to it

9:54 AM me: oh…i got a big white board

Astra: focus and be positive about meeting all your goals

Now if I have ten things on the list I write it priority wise. Topmost is tackled first

me: alrite:-), my mind gets too cluttered

Astra: as soon as I intend to start on the first and give focus to it mentlly

9:55 AM i see that my work gets started as i have already put myself on the task mentally

then as soon as I start the task physically, i rub it off the list

this means that I am already sure I am completing it

this wy i see that I complete it fast

only then i go to no 2 ad so on

Astra: I mark them in one bracket and multitask

9:57 AM me: oh go ahead

Astra: if there are two or more that are urgent or equal priority

me: hmm

Astra: then i mark them as one group

9:58 AM and multitask, as well as keep focus on them all at once

but that consumes more energy

me: makes sense


9:59 AM Astra: mention not