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For Your Eyes Only

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you are not able to look at someone in their eyes? I am going to give you my take on this…

My father used to say ” If the person is lying, he will never look in to your eyes, never trust that person” .  My dear father was very wrong. Let me tell you….

When you meet someone and there is absolute communication , then there is no sense of un-ease at looking that person in the eye through out the communication, but if you and the person are not on the same wavelength (or frequency) then either of you , will avoid looking into each other’s eyes.

When two people are vibrating in the same frequency , it is love. If you can see someone eye to eye, the person is giving in to you, has opened the doors to her soul for you to walk into and ‘stay” if you wish.

Sometimes you avoid looking into the eyes of people if they are elders, or someone who you hold in high esteem, similarly you might avoid eye contact with people who are on the lower social spectrum?