Friends,Airport and twitter is gay!

As you know I am on a mission to discover Bombay through this list here 100 things to do in Mumbai hence forth referred by the hashtag #100T2DM  But sometimes (or always??) you plan something and you end up with something else, So I was planning to check out

Point no.53 Gape at famous residences: Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat, Amitabh Bachhan’s JalsaBut i landed up a meeting a few friends and went along them to check out a Gig by a band called Airport. I loved the band, it was soft indi-rock genre, no where near international standards, but I thot they had melody. But a friend opined that the lyrics are good, but the band kinda…. anyways he also suggested that the name Hawai Adda would be more apt, (Raj Thakeray would prefer a Marathi name though) To each his own!

Check out a short clip of Airport performing at il terrazzo bar delitalia, Juhu. Also for more pics and a write on this band check out Miss Malini post on the same this friend made a interesting comment about Twitter he said Twitter is gay? not gay gay, but gay! ” H thinks FB is cool though. His friend A remarked he gives Twitter a year and then it would go bust! ( Both of them are media professionals)

Interesting perspective, thought I should mention it.

Download Video: