Game theory: Dating 3 steps

I lead a blissful single life without any hatred, jealously, anger,
resentment, envy or angst. But I would be untruthful if I say I never
been tempted to marry again.

I was actually going to call this post “How to find the right girl and
get married in 3 easy steps!” but then thought the title was too

Read further… Step 1: Internet is the best place to find a date, as social
networking sites like FB and Twitter have already made things easy
with access to lot of attractive pictures.
Now that you have added her as a friend, and are allowed to comment on
her status, and chat with her occasionally. Find out whatever you can
about her, without sounding terribly curious or naive.
Let’s progress further, shall we? 

step 2: She is not going to give you permission to call or text her,
until she meets you in person. So arrange a coffee or after-hours
drink meet. Now that you both have met and liked each other, and have
reached a comfort level. But to reach the 3rd level you need to do a
bit more, buy her a beautiful birthday gift, shower her with
chocolates and flowers. IF she is impressed and you have already started
dating steady, but still she is not going to get married to you for
chocolates alone. Step 3: This is the most difficult one to pull off, now that you both
are hanging out and meeting often. You really need to show her, your
place in the society. You have to dine and wine her, if you happen to
meet the rich guy next door, stop him and introduce her as your
fiancé. If you are in a social gathering wave across to the people and
pretend they are acknowledging your presence. Don’t ever wear
bermuda’s shorts, sleeveless Tshirt and slippers, when you are
expecting to see her.

Now this is how you find the girl and keep her. As for me, I can only write.