Gangaram has died of Aids!

I had recently moved to Mumbai with my family, Due to a personal
tragedy and a rather undeserved responsibility of managing a business,
i was smothered in to total inaction.

My inaction was something I watched helplessly and people around me
watched accusingly. I knew people depended on me and looked up to me,
and I had to do something, but i just couldn’t move. This was when I
met Gangaram.

Gangaram was a dark, thin guy who limped, i thought he was born with a
limp, maybe he was not. Gangaram had a very sharp brain, Gangaram was
fearless, (as a analogy I can say, if a mafia guy showed him a gun,
he had the skill and the charm to sell the guy a gun and make a fat
commission out of it). He told me once that he would have been a nagar
sevak of his area but he got in to a squabble with another poweful 
politician who destroyed his political carrier. Gangaram was a problem
solver, where I saw problem for myself, he saw opportunity for himself
to make a fast buck. He immediately told me that my current problems
was quite manageable and he could do it. I was naive and greedy, I hired him for the Job, he was God sent.
These were the problems no one would get their hands in, it was a
dirty job. Gangaram for me was a lotus who bloomed in the dirty slums.
He was the anti-dote to my inaction, with Gangaram’s help, i was no
longer inactive, it was like a alter-ego of mine who worked overtime
while I myself rested and recovered against the barrage of assaults by
numerous problematic agencies life throws up when you are young and

Within a record time, Gangaram had managed to solve my important
troubles. He bribed the authority, threatened where necessary, and
charmed his way out of sticky situations At times I admired him for
his guts and the kind of education he got on the streets of mumbai,
which I had never got. Gangaram resurrected me and gave me a second
chance, of-course in the process he made sure he had plundered and
looted me. I knew this guy was a important tool in my life, but i had
to stop him from looting me, my greed was making me a victim in his
hands, and his appetite for robbing me out for a fat commission for
every job he carried out was increasing exponentially, It came to
point that he started inventing problems for me, so he could then come
over and rescue me out of the ugly situation. But I was helpless and
lazy, i was probably more corrupt than he was, no wonder we were a
such a perfect match who could overcome any problem together, but now
we had become problems for each other, he couldn’t live without the
money he was making out of me, and I couldn’t live without a problem
solver like Gangaram in my life. then he disappeared.

After making a tidy sum of money from each of his contract work, he
would routinely disappear. (Later on, I came to know from one of his
friends that he was a womaniser and was a spend thrift and lived life
on the wild-side.) Finally after not seeing him for months, I enquired
with his friend, where had Gangaram disappeared? I was told he had
AIDS and he died the previous week. Gangaram had never told me he had
AIDS. I never imagined that a guy who could be so brave and face some
really tough situations for me could have been a dying man. Somewhat
disturbingly I was relieved that he had died and I had one problem
less on my hands. Now every-time, I am in that kind of trouble, Gangaram’s name comes to
my mind first, even before God’s. Its time I become a more balanced
kind of a person, now that I have plenty of experience which I so
lacked 10 years back.