Ganpati Bappa Morya


He was on his evening walk, he decided to check out the numerous
Ganpati visarjan by the lake. He sees Devotees bidding their final
adieu to the elephant God. He thinks to himself “The elephant God
succeeds in bringing the best out of the people, they forget their
hardships in the revelry. ”

As he moves in the crowd, his eyes longing to see if he can find
someone of his own. He finds the policemen staring at him as he stands
out with his white sneakers and white T shirt, and white headphones. As he walks along the banks of the lake nonchalantly smiling and a bit
amused at the emotional devotees.

On the way out. A little girl barely 7, gestures reluctantly
and offers Prasad. He stops momentarily taken back by the gesture, at
first wondering if her hands are clean, then goes ahead and accepts
the Prasad a mixture of rice flakes and other sweet ad on’s. He has
tears in his eyes as he walks out of the place, engulfed by the
enormity of her compassion.


She is standing there with a big bowl of Prasad and has been
instructed by her mom that she has to offer Prasad to everyone passing
by. The bowl is full and she thinks ” I have to find some people to
offer Prasad”
There she sees a guy and thinks ” must be belonging to one of those
high rises, but no one says no to
Prasad” she gestures to him, her tiny fist filled with sweet Prasad,
she sees him hesitate finally he reaches out and accepts, without even
glancing at her, he walks off. She is happy that her Prasad has been