Get high on qawwali at Haji Ali-100 things to do in mumbai

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Yesterday I ticked of one more of the 101 things to do in mumbai list I went straight to no.1 Get high on qawwali at Haji Ali

Haji Ali Dargah was a long time wish, I had never been there, I used to think only muslims need to go there.

The dargah is dilapidated, the experience here is disturbing, beggars rolling on the ground, litter all around the dargah and also inside the dargah, as there is a refreshment counter right inside. The Highlight I thought would be the qawwali which started just after the namaz, the quality of the qawwali was good, but they sang in a place which was again full of litter.
This is certainly not a place for Mall rats, this is the place which is frequented by people who go there like it is a picnic spot, the place is full of softdrink bottles,empty tetrapacks, the dustbins are overflowing and so are the people.
Check out the pics and video below,I would say worth a visit, but only once! After that I thought I would keep the Hindu God happy also, so checked out the nearby Mahalaxmi Temple, which is very clean and where you don’t have second thoughts walking barefoot.Pictures were not allowed so no pics.

After all that I went to the Thali place called Thakkar Bhojnalaya at Kalbhadevi. This place is air-conditioned and as soon as I entered I was dissapointed that here the Thali would be costing much more than my budget of Rs100.
The Thali cost me Rs200/- , but what a thali, there is nothing left to chance. I am not a foodie, but I can say this is the best Thali I have eaten till date, this place flaunts pics of celebrities eating at the joint and as well the Times Food award for the  best gujrati eating joint for 2007.After nearly 100 kms on the bike for the last 2 days, my tush needs a bot of rest, i wish i had a bulllet, wait i want a Harley!

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