God grants all my desires with only one condition (attached).

God grants all my desires with only one condition (attached).

Now I haven’t achieved much of success, but whatever I have achieved on my own strength I do cherish them dearly.

So one fine day GOD appeared in my backyard (metaphorically speaking) and said you have worked hard but I see you have lot of unfulfilled desires, you are in agonising pain because of this, you work yourself to sickness (like millions of others) but you are never going to get all those desires fulfilled.

But since I (the God himself) have appeared in your backyard, I am going to grant all your desires at once with only one condition you will have to give up everything what you have earned so far. (in any case they are so pitiful, he said). But God, I said, I cherish them dearly!

He wouldn’t hear any of it. He said it was a fair deal. I get all my desires fulfilled (including the one with Angelina Jolie) if I willingly give up all the little things I worked and earned.

This is my predicament. What would you advise?