Growing up

I grew up in a middle class neighborhood of goregaon,
WTF, entire goregoan was a middle class place, I suppose it still is. I walked or cycled to school, I ate vadapav in the recess and quenched
my thirst with gola and some colored sherbet.

The only treat I got from dad, was an occasional movie and ice-cream
at the movie theatre, of-course there were restaurant food, but food
was the least of my interests, and he took me along when he went to
Singapore and Malaysia,nepal. Yeah and juhu beach is the only place to go on special occasions
growing up. He was a busy man, and as a single parent, one gets
severely handicapped. The stress of managing kids and home and
business is tremendous. He was a super human, and i would say he did
50% of the job well.

The entire childhood memory for me is very unreal and hazy. It is
something I would have loved to erase it forever, there was no joy
growing up, there was nothing new or interesting to look forward to. The reason being I was over protected out of choice, a unfair analogy
would be, if you can’t take a dog out to the park to play, so you lock
it in the house.

I have been living my childhood, in my adulthood and through my late
thirties. That’s my effort to reclaim the lost 20 years of growing up. So how many of you think I’m childish or need to seriously grow up?