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Having Trouble Sleeping?

Recently Since a month, I am having trouble sleeping, I have never really had insomnia. I could go to sleep where and when required. I can sleep all day and night long. In fact I used to worry I suffer from some sleep disorder since I used to sleep a lot.

I am trying to analyse what has changed in my life that I have trouble sleeping, I usually sleep around 4 am, and then there are days where I go to Madhu mess (which opens at 4.30am) and have a sumptuous breakfast and then go to sleep at 6.30 am.

I try to all kinds of activities, to make use of this time which is like a bonus for a working from home guy like me.

·         I do all my filing of papers,letter, biils, making cheques.

·         Making a task list.

·         Make a website, just for a heck of it.

·         Dabble in some cooking at 2 am.

·          {Cooking is something which gives me immense pleasure, its like meditation with all the sights, aromas.( I should have been a cook instead of a stupid Engineer (like 3 idiots).My father thought that there is no other vocation besides engineer and doctor) God help the middle class! Of course he bought 3 mercs in his life time. If we can use that as a bench mark for success. I have bought 3 cars till now, but all low end vehicles. But I rather not measure myself by the cars I have bought. Ok I think  I just flaunted, fack!! }

·         Read a book (currently reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell).

After some thought I think the only reason I cant sleep, is because maybe I am very depressed about the changes in my life. But again I am not sure, maybe its just because so many changes have taken place in the last 6 months, plus I don’t have a  job or business responsibility. I work on what I like to work, on my own set timelines. Sounds good. But why am I having trouble sleeping, isn’t 4 am a bit too late?

Ok leaving you with one of my favourite track by Corrine Bailey Rae Trouble Sleeping.

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