Healing- recovering from your biggest loss

There are times in your life when things go wrong and they all go
terribly wrong all at once. You lose a loved one, your suffer losses
in business, you are abused, you feel used etc etc. You loose what I
call a home, or a feeling which can be described as being at home.

The biggest loss of all is the loss of a loved one. When you lose
someone you love, it will haunt you for the rest of your life for

But being reasonable humans, we sometimes have to accept this loss.
Nobody can bring back a dead father, a lost lover, or loss in time not
spent with your loved ones, (isn’t this also counted as loss of a
loved one, I do). I recommend if something like this happens to you. Just pause your
life, as it is where it is. Take time to think about your loss, get
all your support under the roof or go for a vacation to where ever
your support is. Ofcourse this living in pause or meditative state of
mind should eventually become a way of life for you. (haha!! I know I
don’t make sense here)

In my case, I have done exactly the opposite, I have immersed myself
in unproductive work, got in to relationships without awareness and
all the usual things one does to run away from problems. If you don’t have a support system like good friends and family. I
recommend you go to a healer. It’s amazing how much they can help you.
(I can recommend a few).

And in rare cases that for whatever reason you can’t get any help,
then call me. Once people take advise from me they never really come
back, I presume they all get healed or have killed themselves 😀