Her picture

As she enters his house, she secretly scans his house for her picture,
she thinks if he loves me, he surely must have a picture of me, in his
house, maybe by the bedside or on his work table? There were none. He is not the one who hangs living people on the
wall. The only reason he has his kids pictures framed is because some
else gifted the frames and even put in their pictures for him.

He thinks keeping pictures of people on the wall or in the wallet is
so much a 70’s thing, he is a modern man. He likes abstract art on the
wall, but the art should connect some thing within him. He wonders if she a 70’s women, flower power and women’s liberation?
He loves the flower power music, those were the best music to come out
before the music got corrupted by over consumption.

But, but, but, how can he fall for a flower power girl in 2010? Impossible!!!!! Maybe see her again after 40 years, or travel back in time, so he can
keep her picture by the bedside.