Here is why I switched to the Satvic diet.

CONCEPTS Oct 13, 2020

It all happened when I decided to wake up at 5 am daily. I wanted to be in the 5 am club. But I realised some days I was  just too tired to wake up. So this meant I need to find why I was so tired. Why am I not refreshed after 4/5 hours of sleep? A 7-hour sleep is a luxury, only indulged on weekends.

I learnt that there are two major anatomies in the human body where most of the energy gets used. They are the stomach and the brain.

The brain is a complicated thing, so I focused on the stomach. How do I not put the load on my digestive system?

Reducing the load on the Digestive system

Non-Vegetarian food takes 15/18 hours to digests so it goes off the list. So does grains like rice and dal which take 12 plus hour to digest.

Here is a list of my do's and don't in this new diet.

  1. Eat raw whenever possible. I highly recommend this.
  2. Milk and milk products are also off the list.
  3. Locally availabe nuts are in.
  4. No processed food - and that means not even ready-made salads from the supermarket. This is tough, as I used to buy ready-made salads and sprouts. With this new rule, I do everything ground up.
  5. If cooking - NEVER USE OIL. There is a great side-benefit of never using any kind of oil in the cooking. Your vessels have no grime and are a breeze to clean, If you have cleaned a grill which had meat cooked or a vessel in which milk was boiled, you know what I am talking. And if you are wondering how do you cook without oil? then answer is COCONUT.
  6. Never eat anything which has been stored for more than 3 hours.
  7. I cook my meals in earthen pots.

The most important thing - "DONOT OVEREAT."

If you want to not become vegan and there is one lifestyle change you want to do, then it is overeating. Over-eating is the single biggest culprit to bog your energy levels down. In case you are blessed with wonderful metabolism and are in prime youth, you won’t notice this, but as you age or when stress hits you need to become more aware of what is harming you.

Spotting that you are full

Noticing that you need to skip your lunch or dinner is tricky. Out of habit, we eat meals at regular intervals. But in case that afternoon lunch is still not digested, skip the dinner or otherwise. I have still not learnt to notice when I am full and end up eating again. This causes tremendous issues with the gut.

Vegan activism

I am not into this to stop animal cruelty

There are a lot of vegans who will show you videos where animals are bred in extremely torturous conditions for human consumption. Such Animals farms are indeed cruel, I would love to have a more farm raised animals on the people's kitchen table.

But I have to be honest with you, I am not here to stop cruelty with animals. All I am interested is in building and maintaining my energy levels so I can be more useful to humankind.

Tomorrow if I discover a beef the only diet suits me better than vegan, I won’t have much guilt on switching to it.

I will still be indulging in non-vegetarian food socially or occasionally

I love non-vegetarian food, so I am not planning to completely let go. Also, everyone in my social circle is non-vegetarian. I don’t expect them to make peanut curd and cashew cheese for me. So I will be indulging in all kinds of food so I can be a social being. But the moment I feel my energy dipping, I will withdraw.

Things from my Vegan Kitchen

Peanut Butter
Cahsew Cheese
Cauliflower peas vegetables cooked on an earthen pot


My diet is making me more healthy and gives me the energy to accomplish things.

Special Thanks to this Amazing Venture

The best source for Sativic diet is


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