Holi Conversations

conversations Mar 22, 2008

Astra: Happy Holi

Manoj: same to you:-)

Astra: achha
not playing holi?

Manoj: no i dont like tp play

what about u?

Astra: i like to play

Manoj: lol


Astra: only if people are throwing flowers at me
not the mucky stuff they use these days
see it is a spring festival
the colours and water are only to celebrate the spring and the flowers

Manoj: flowers would be a bit expensive looking at 4 billion people on the planet struggling to make a living

Astra: we have turned it into something else

Manoj: its a cheap replacement

Astra: but why sirty stuff

Manoj: well its symbolic

Astra: better to use natural colors at least
that is symbolic enuf

Manoj: so sasta hai voh bikta hai


Astra: sasta roye baar baar

Manoj: lol

yeh muhavra mene suna nahee ab tak

Astra: better to celebrate naturee than pollute it
the least we can do if we are poor is not degrade our surroundings
so i dont join these celebrations

Manoj: the rest of the humanity will follow u, you got to lead

Astra: muhavara hai…mehenga roye ek baar..sasata roye baar baar

Manoj: :-))

never heard,but but funny

Astra: either use eco friendly methds or at least dont join the crowd that pollutes
sorry im senti abt nature

Manoj: brother, i event playing

mujhe kyu lecture derayee ho, im making rajma chawal

Astra: i know u r not playing
wat to do

Manoj: i hope thats ecofriendly


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