Holy shit

People say, you are what you eat!
Hence it also automatically implies that ” you are what you shit”, and
If you thought gravity is all that you need to get a good motion, try
doing “Shirsana” yoga pose when you got the loosies.

Now that you know the laws of the physical world don’t apply here,
a constipated man will tell you ” what goes in, doesn’t always come

It doesn’t matter whether you do it (defecate) Indian style or western
style , a gut wrenching shit is what will give you orgasmic happiness. If you panic you will shit like hell, so keep your kool and do your
morning prayers (shit) and everything will be alrite (till the time
you eat the stale and dead food in the noon.)

And if you didnt enjoy reading this blog post, don’t give me the
“holier than thou attitude” cause I know you are full of bull crap.