This afternoon I was at a cafe in bandra which is owned by a bandra localite, maybe 2/3rd generation bandra-ite. It’s located in the not so noisy part of bandra. The cafe is very popular among expats and as well as macbook chugging indians.

Anyway, there was a small jam in front of the cafe, it was just a matter of few minitues and the traffic would have smoothened out. But then a guy in a SUV was a bit impatient  he started honking and honking incessantly, which was very irritating for all the walkers as well as people sitting in the cafe.

This owner rushed out to the SUV driver and folded his hands and said please dont honk! I was befuddled, I thought the owner being a bandra bugger will give him maa bhen gali and he has a staff who can back him up, but instead he pleaded with the driver with folded hands not to honk. I was taken a back. What a great way to settle a road rage argument?

So, remember next time, you feel like showing your muscle power, trying with folded hands might yield better results.

BTW HORN OK is only for highways and not city streets and by lanes.