How to become a hero in 3 easy steps

Sorry for the corny title again, but thats how Iam.

This is again one of my game theory. Game theory is basically a set of
options you have to choose to arrive at your decided goal.

The entire ecosystem of a game theory is of-course much more complex.
This is just entertainment, and life is a cosmic game which the
universal consciousness has decided to play. So read on and become a
HERO History has many heroes, do you want to be one of them?  where your
great grandchildren can proudly enjoy the fruits and rewards of your
heroic deed. Taking a decision to become a HERO can make sure, your
next 7 generation live like royalty. (ex:Nehru/Gandhi dynasty)

Rule number 1: Be ready to live life on the fringes. For this you have to belong to the poor-class or the upperclass. Any
major changes in geo-political-economic scene, these are the two
classes which get affected first. Middle class can only think
about upgrading their lifestyle and I don’t see any hope of a hero
there. The whole idea is to be at the forefront of the change and
lead. Look at most of the political leaders today they are either from
poor-class or the elite class.

Rule no. 2: learn to accept ambiguity in life. In simple words there are no rules, there is no right and wrong. Hero
and devil are just the opp sides on the coin. If a hindu
fundamentalist leader can drive out the remaining 10% of the Muslim
population (in another act of genocide) out of India. He will be
hailed as a HERO (if he already isn’t) who saved Hinduism. Get my

Rule No. 3. Be on the winning side, they write history books. If Germany had won the war, Hitler would have been declared a Hero.
But since Germany lost, the allied powers wrote the history text book.
So take a call early on which side you want to be on. Remember the
person who wins is going to write the history text books which your
great grandchildren will read in schools.