How to cook Pasta in minutes

Pasta is the most convenient meal for me, I cook it at least once a week. I have 2 stereotype version which I make.Also my maid is missing in action(kiski nazar lag gayee hai). So I might be doing more cooking this week.

  1. Pasta in cheesy white sauce(with lots of pepper).
  2. Pasta in a tomato base which is ready available in any supermarket.

Here is my recipe, this doesn’t take more than 10 mins, if you have the veggies all chopped, pasta boiled.
(I would appreciate some improvisation advise.)

for Pasta in tomato sauce

Pasta(cooked in salt water) any make but i prefer the ones with more fiber.
assorted veggies chopped & cooked lightly.
Tomato base which is also called as a pasta sauce.(available off the shelf)
Olive oil preferably.
Red chilly powder.
Finely Chopped garlic
Soya Beans cooked. (you can replace it with shredded chicken)
( I have recently turned in to a social non-vegetarian, that means I will be eating non-veg food socially only :). )
Salt to taste.


Saute the finely chopped garlic(you can replace garlic with onion if you want), add the lightly cooked veggies and soya beans,saute for somewhile, add the pasta sauce and red chilly powderand little water if needed, cook it for 2 mins, add the cooked pasta, mix it well. You are ready to serve! Enjoy!