How to find the right spiritual group for you.

There are many times when I am down and out that I turn to
spiritualism, and fortunately there are many such spiritual groups in
mumbai where entry is available.

Here are a few pointers if you are thinking of joining such a spiritual group.

1) what makes the group is the kind of members it has, I go with a
group which generally don’t talk much and only meditate. I have no
patience to hear sales talk, I can think and decide for myself. 2) I also avoid groups where there are too many of unmarried girls,
then the average IQ of the group will generally fall way too low. Also
if you think they would be interested in you, you cannot be more
wrong. Remember you joined the group cause you were down and out, and
they aren’t looking for such down and out guys.

3) Also sometimes you will find the occasional jerk usually employed
with a BPO who will try to chat you up about words he has heard and
read like ” meditation” ” past life regression” “think and grow rich”
“Napoleon hill” etc. Either you leave the group immediately or punch
him in the face. 5) Also since I am single I tend to gravitate towards group where
there is lot of prasadam, like free food, dinner types, I mean who
wants to come home and cook after a nice meditation session. The last
group I left was cause of less food.

5) then finally there are some spiritual groups where you will be
asked to do chores and then burden you with responsibilities. I run
away from such groups as fast as I can. If I was a responsible kind of
a person, why would I be down and out, doesn’t it kind of defeat the
whole purpose of joining the group. I hope these 5 points help you in finding your right spiritual group.