How to HUG someone magically

A hug is magical and esoteric. I shouldn’t even be writing about it.

In a research it was observed that new born babies who were touched put on weight faster and were healthier that the babies who were isolated.

What applies to babies also applies to humans. We as a society have become suspicious of touch. The reason we are suspicious about a Hug is because a hug is hierarchical in nature. For eg. A elder person is more likely to hug a younger person and so on. A more respected person will be the first one to initiate the hug.

Also there is #metoo to consider, what if you feel like giving a female colleague for a job well done?

So now even after reading the political nature of a hug, I would advocate a hug.

BUT there is a right way of hugging someone.

Let me start with some don’t for Hugs.
1. If you ask someone if you can hug him/her, just don’t fucking do it. If you need to get the other person permission to hug. It means you need to create this artificial intimacy (“apnapan” is the right word)
2. If you give hugs as a ritual when you meet someone or say good bye. That hug is again mechanical and is not a healing touch.
3. HUGs are special, don’t stand on the road with a placard saying “ FREE HUGS”. They are farcical and a marketing gimmick.


HUGS should be spontaneous. The person who gets hugged spontaneously is left with a surprise of receiving such a generous gift. HUG is a reward when you are so fond of someone or what the person did for you that you body reacts with the hug. Hug is the human way of saying thank you for being the gift you are for me in the NOW.