How to invite someone out

FRIENDS Jun 28, 2017

Does your social life suck?
Do you wish you had more friends?
Do you hate going out for a movie or a dinner alone?

Yesterday, someone complained that I had ignored her invitation to meet up last time she was in India. So I got thinking on why I avoid people.

So here is what happens?

The lady had asked me out on Twitter. The interaction was so casual, that I chose to ignore.

Another Case Study

A guy messaged me on Twitter, he is coming to India and how about catching up. I like to meet foreigners as one get’s to learn different perspective of life.

So he chooses a High end bar and I land up at the place. I fell in to a meeting trap here.

1) I wasn’t given a choice of the meeting place.
2) I didn’t know, who is going to foot the bill.
3) In case it is dutch I would have preferred to choose a less pricier place to meet.
4) I didn’t have any idea if the drinks would be followed by Dinner.

When one is in a budget mode and pinch every penny, this kind of vague invite can cause heart burn.

So I would preferred to be told

1) What is the plan?
2) What about food?
3) If it’s dutch, I need to see if our expectation and aesthetics align.
4) I love to eat cheap, but classy. (That’s a bit of a problem).

I generally don’t ask people to meet. I am too happy being a loner. I don’t really miss friends or company. But I certainly don’t like to sound rude and turn down invites all the time.


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