How to not marry a psychopath or a sociopath

How to not marry a psychopath or a sociopath

Before you marry, you need to first tick off these 2 lists for sure. Your Prince Charming or Daddy’s princess might turn out to be a psychopath or a sociopath.

The reason for writing this post is I just clearly understood the distinction between a psychopath, a sociopath and a narcissist.


So it all boils down to empathy. Empathy is literally putting yourself in other peoples shoes. The problem with empathy is unless you don’t understand other people pain you cannot be empathetic. That is this reason most teenagers are cruel. You see the most non-physical violence in the teen and the young.

Parents play a big role

It is up to the parent to teach their wards empathy. As the children grow up and become adults they will from their experience learn empathy.

what is the different between the three?

A ) A narcissist is someone who cares about only himself. But he doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

B) A sociopath is someone who due to improper upbringing or his peers has no sense of empathy.

C) A Psychopath is someone who has a genetic issue. There is something missing in the part of the brain where empathy lights up. They are almost incurable.

Hope the title of this blogpost didn’t scare you.