How to work as a Pro and not like a school kid

Below is my work system, I call it the 4:30am Club method

How to work as a Pro and not like a school kid

The things we were taught during our childhood become the most fundamental building blocks of our life. One of the most important things we were taught during childhood, is to study hard, study more.

But childhood is different from Adulthood. In your childhood, you didn’t have to cook, think about the emotional well being of your partners or worry about what your children are up to.

In short, in childhood, you had all the entire day to yourself to do the stuff your parents think is most important to you.

My father only thought about education and so I never really did any extra-circular activity other than studying.

This meant that I studied or pretended to study all the time. This habit has been carried to my work life to detrimental effects. The other aspects of my life like social, family or even health are neglected as I work all waking hours.

Recently I decided to change this.

Below is my work system, I call it the 4:30am Club method

MIMU (Most Important, Most Urgent) first thing in the morning.

I started doing the most important, most urgent task in the morning. MIMU (Most Important, Most Urgent). Also, one has to make sure, it is just one task or at the most a couple of tasks. Restrict it to not more than three tasks or this system fails.

It is called One victory a day. Decide on one task which you want to do so well that it will take care of all other not so important tasks.

For. Eg.

If you complete one big project which will give you 90% of your monthly income. You can delegate the other 90% of your tasks to someone by buying their time.

Time Blocking

Once you have the most important tasks listed down. Now, this is difficult. Make sure that the task won’t take more than 25 mins of your time.

For eg. When you cook your food. You prepare all the ingredients chopped and ready. So the actual cooking time is under 30 mins.

This means the 25 mins you spend on your task is highly focussed. There are fewer chances of errors as your energy is at its peak. Doing the same thing for more than 25 mins will wear you out, and it would take you much more time to solve a problem when you were at your peak energy levels.

So summarising the second point. Do the most important task, as peak energy level and you can maintain peak energy by limiting your task to 25 mins.

Not more than 2/3 hours of focussed work per day.

Don’t burn out. Limit your MIMU (Most important, Most Urgent) tasks to ideally not more than 2 or 3 hours a day. This should be usually all be done before 10 am in morning. For eg, Work morning from 7 is to 10 am.

Yes, wake up as early as possible, so you finish your work when no one is there trying to disturb you.

25% working on a task and 75% preparing for the task.

As I said, you need to visualise any work you want to be accomplished. The work starts in your brain, you need to visualise the various nuts and bolts and breaking them down.

Work in Increments (Also known as SCRUM Methodology)

SCRUM is an incremental work method using by software developers to release a version of the software. This method, is very effective, as feedback loops are much faster.

Instead of landing a big project arrival on dead. A big project is broken into releases. Alpha, Beta or version 1, version 1.1.

Now to summarise the entire work as an Adult strategy

  1. Finish all-important work before 10 am
  2. Break big projects into chunks. Visualise your projects in parts before you sit to work.
  3. That visualisation will let you pre-prepare for the tasks so when you get down to accomplished, all the assets you need to complete the task is available to you.

Hope this helps. :)