I am a suave,smooth talking,boorish,(somewhat)chivalrous MCP.

Yes! you heard me right. People describe me a soft spoken, suave, loner, chivalrous,boorish. Besides all these dynamic qualities , I realized I am a MCP( Male Chauvinist Pig).Well I know its a tad late in life to realize that, when you are about to enter a phase called midlife crisis, but realizing and accepting and then understanding consciously can make a change in your subconscious energy signature.So the endeavor here to change the conditioning deep within.

I realize I hated women all my life,I don’t know where this conditioning comes from, is it from my past life? or my current life??, where I have perceived women around me as weak, dependent, not standing up for themselves.Well your guess is as good as mine. I wouldn’t like to get into regressive mode here, for the time being.

As my bird brain is still trying to figure out, why I am becoming a Martyr here,Let me take the opportunity to ask for forgiveness to all the women in my life, who have a been a victim. And a big feeling of gratitude towards all the women who have retaliated and fought (and still fighting) tooth and nail, without you I wouldn’t have come to this realization.