I am back to the 4:30 am waking up routine

So I also talked about that waking up early is shouldnt be a goal, but you need to have a system to make this happen. Below is my system.

I am back to the 4:30 am waking up routine

So last time I wrote that I am doing a 5am routine. I stopped it after a month. I felt I was not getting more done and I was sleep-deprived. As I had brain fog after 4 pm or sometimes as early as 2 pm.

Also, I started taking an adaptogenic medicinal drug called Ashwagandha, Ashwagangandha is basically protein powder. What Ashwagandha did was to help me recover my lost sleep and get me out of my fatigued state, But my good waking up habit was a casualty.

But then waking up late feels so awful, you feel you wake up and suddenly there are deadlines throughout out the day. You feel time famine. So I also talked about how waking up early shouldn't be a goal, but you need to have a system to make this happen.

Below is my system.

New Strategy for waking up early.

I realised that most of the reason I would cancel my alarm at 5 am and go back to bed, was that I didn’t know what would I do after waking up early. So I started hyper-scheduling my day.

What is hyper scheduling?

Hyper-scheduling means you have your entire week and month planned ahead in your calender. It takes off the cognitive burden of "What will I do next?".

It is theme-based planning.

For example - 6 am to 6:30 am I write in my diary, my personal thoughts. 5 am to 5:30 am I am chanting or doing meditation in silence. 7:30 am to 8:30 am I am writing on my personal blog or professional blogs.

Note - I divide my day into 30 minutes time slots. What this has done is given me an acute sense of my time. If I chat with a business prospect who is not serious about work. It is total loss, I could have accomplished something or built something in 30 mins.

Dividing the day onto themes.

Mornings are for getting the high focus tasks done.
This is a time when no one should bother you. But if you have friends in other time zones. You could have some WhatsApp and calls. Try to tell politely that this is your high focus time, or to call on weekends.

I try to squeeze in some yoga/skateboarding/kettlebell workout before the morning ends.

Afternoon is are for reading, research and connecting to people

I see my chats buzzing usually in the afternoon, I think people get restless at this time and want to talk to other people. So afternoon till dinner time which is 6pm for me, is usually to do reading, research, connecting to people.

Evenings are for relaxation and family time

Usually while having dinner I watch a movie for 20/25 minutes on Mubi. After that, I do a short walk in the neighbourhood. I connect to the closest friends in this time zone. I avoid clients talk or business solicitation unless it is a very important client or Boss.

I end my day with Yoga and stretching around 9pm to 10pm, while also catching up on Youtube videos. 10 pm to 11 pm is where I order grocery, do the dishes, make my bed.

11 pm I try to hit the bed. Sometimes I might hit the bed early by 10:30 and sometimes even late by 12:30.

I realise if I get emotionally charged or sexually excited it is difficult to sleep on time. I try to avoiding flirting or soliciting after 6 pm.

I think our sex drives are one of the strongest influencers in our well-being, It plays a very vital role in the kind of sleep you will have.

Hope this will help you to in your daily planning. Hit me up if you have any queries. Carpe Diem!