I am fighting a Eating disorder.

I am fighting a Eating disorder.

There are 2 schools of thoughts as far as eating goes.

A) You are what you eat which advocates on careful selection on what you should be eating. People here try various fads, go on a protein only diet, avoid carbs. OR Become a vegan, as milking a cow is an act of violence or they believe animal milk is not fit for human consumption.

The strictly vegetarians believe that you take on the atribute of the animal you consume, if you eat a chicken, you will become indecisive and so on.

B) The second group, here believes in eating whatever is organic, they know that stomachs are made of digest anything which is organic. So they dont bother with these diets.

Both of the above are merely a lifestyle choice. They are not eating disorders.

I believe in eating the right kind of food, i beleive in balance. But for the past few years, I have been a bit obsessed about eating whatever I can lay my hands on. I feel like I am just stuffing myself, just to feel centered, like the food would settle down somewhere and make me feel content and centered.

Its become pathological untill i decided to consciously watch how I am eating, I usually read or browse the internet when I have my meals, I eat 99% of my meal alone also. But i am going to make a effort to eat slow and watch myself eating my food. This is difficult to accomplish, there are so many videos to watch, Fb status to check on. But I am going to give it my best shot.

Now I am going to watch how I eat and not really bother what i eat. Sometimes its not what you eat but how you eat which will untimately nourish you or end up with a eating disorder. This is my food for thought prasadam to you. Chew on it.

Image from – http://m.healthmeup.com/news-buzz/feeling-fat-blame-your-brain/6593