I am no longer available on chat

May 30, 2008

Something strange has happened, it started with my first computer in 1999 and yahoo chat, the chatting bug hit me big time,from 1999 to 2008 i have been chatting and chatting, i was thrilled to chat with strangers from distant lands and not so distant lands, adding them randomly talking to them, made some amazingly good friends and some i would rather forget. The virtual world seemed to fill my emptiness, the chat buddies were so dependeble, whenever i felt bored, lonely, they were there amusing me, sharing songs,talking about life,business opportunities,advising,flirting.

But this woman seems to have done what no one has ever done, filled my emptiness, i am no longer chatting, with strangers, i am no longer looking for frivolous friends, i want deeper meaning to all my relationships.I am not sure what that means though!!!

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