I am not alone, mera pass community hai!

I am alone – This is stuck in my head. It is not that I am the only one who thinks this way. In a break up scene IRL – I tell my ex “ Why do you bother, go and live your life, BE HAPPY” She replies “ Because you have no one”. This temporary weakness of my ex during the break up and her statement “because you have no one” ricocheted in my brain several times.

It does every single day. Every single day, I am reminded on my aloneness. My alone ness is compounded by the fact, that I reject all tribes who try to adopt me. Recently an old friend asked for a number he said, this Whatsapp group is like family. I felt “oh my God, I so want to belong to some group, some place where there are people who accept me.” By the evening, I messaged him, that I found the group very distracting and I am leaving it.

## Community Man not a tribes Man

Whatsapp groups are really not my scene. I do run some community handles. Some of the community member on social media consider me their hero. When on occasion I met them, they have confessed they are in awe of me. This was my Super star moment!! It is another case that they left disappointed, as they found me a bit cold perhaps.

### Community is a loose knit group vis-a- vis Tribe

In tribe there is lot of solidarity with loyalty being the key component. You should be able to kill for a tribe. Community is more of people who agree on certain aesthetics. It is more loose. Community is more harmonious.

The question I am grappling is, will I have ever be able to part of a family?

Help me by adding me to a Whatsapp group.