I am not killing myself anytime!

A month back my sister called me, She said she had a dream that I have
a brain tumour and I am dying. After a bit of enquiry with her, she
revealed she had read a particularly dark blog post of mine and that
had impacted her in dreaming such a scenario. I agree, I write dark posts (contrary to my frivolous and callous
nature you might think) about death all the time and people reading
might come to the conclusion that I am dying or I am trying to kill

This is not the case, it’s just that I have been leading a very
regimented life since last year and it means reading a lot of stuff,
pranayama, yoga and a satvic diet and some music and entertainment in
recommended doses and whatever time is left I barely get to keep
myself company. I am certainly not chronically depressed and believe me I am having
the time of life, I truly have the best life in the world.

So darlings, if you been thinking I am not seen around, I beg your
forgiveness, its just I have been busy doing things in my bucket list
and its a long way to go, and so I certainly hope to be around for so
long though you can never be sure with life. I appreciate all the love and concern, but I am not dying yet.