I am so out of the system! Beware!

Its time to warn you all, I cannot be your friend and not warn you, my
conscience prods me to make a confession and to save you from my
prejudices and conditionings when you run across me and happen to
light up a conversation. There is a system, called family. It is the very social fabric of our
society, it is the love we find in this microcosm world which enables
us and gives us strength to do our duties, which might not be very
endearing and appealing sometimes or most of times. It is also the
prime reason we are corrupted in mind and actions. We will risk
anything to save this family, and fight to defend this institution.

Despite knowing all these virtues of the family system, I am
anti-family. These are the things I do to people when I meet people
from the system. So I want to warn you… 1) If someone I know breaks the news of his marriage, I try to argue
with him/her and convince him not to create the greatest blunder of
his life. This is not taken with the love and good intent i mean and
instead I am ostracised by the person and not invited to the wedding.

2) I generally try to stress the costs of raising children and how it
is best to avoid them, I have sometimes subtly hinted on giving up the
kids for adoption to the grandparents. Remember I don’t do this
deliberately , it only comes up from my subconscious mind. 3) For married people, I highly recommend having an extramarital
affair, living alone or better separately legally. This time most
married people agree with me, but say they are helpless. So in this
context I am ironically in the system.

These kind of conditionings of my mind, has thrown me out of the
system, my work henceforth is to create a new system. I feel the above
system is archaic and defunct, some research have already beginning to
show that the aspirations of young people have already beginning to
shift from getting married and starting a family to living alone on
their own and exploring within and outside on what best the world has
to offer. I would like to start a moment towards such a goal of mine, if you
think, you don’t want to be part of this old family values system
(highly advertised by Karan Johar and SRK), drop in a line and we can
collaborate, as i need some more ayes to creat this system.

The disadvantage of creating a system is that it can become corrupt,
and dictatorial and violent, I am not sure I want any violence and its
the very genesis of my opting out of the system. Some more thoughts
and introspection of this ideology is needed. Till then…you have
been warned!