I cant get no Focalisation

I try hard , really hard so that I can focus, but I cant get no focalisation. 

I try hard, really hard to throw those monkey’s off my back!!

Maybe I am dyslexic, or just plain distracted? 

The world has too much of too much to really focus on something paricular, dont you think sweetheart?

So I dont get no focalis(z)ation and I try and I try! 

OK, I didnt mean to screw up the rolling stone’s number, its purely uintentional!

But I have trouble, taking my mind of all those wonderful things life has to offer and focus on one thing. They say beauty is in the detail, really? I am not all that convinced. 

The only time I can focus is when the house is on fire and the baby is in the crib.

This is my constitution, rest of the time its just substituion i can bank on.

Only if the baby can take care of itself, I could just keep exploring this unlimited, unwinding road leading to nowhere. 

The big question I cannot answer is,

Do I really want to go anywhere in particular or just keep on going nowhere.

Its really about having a clear and definite vision of the end of the road.

What if there is pitch darkness after the light at the end of the tunnel.



P.S: Hope you like the new blog name and theme. 🙂