I couldn’t delete my blog

updates Sep 13, 2020

So, I was kind of tired of posting my uncensored and raw thoughts on the internet. I also wanted to write deep meningful thoughts and blogging is my way of just letting my friends and sometimes family know what the fuc* I am upto.

You know there is so much to talk to your friends and family, but our busy lives mean we really don't get to converse. My sister is one of the avid readers of my blog. I try to send my blogpost to my kids, but they only read what interests them i think.


So I deleted my blogs after taking backups and then I had a nervous moment. I researched on the internet on how I could set up a blog on some other platform which would be better than the current one I am using which costs me about 5USD per month. I wanted to avoid this unnecessarily 5USD.

All free platforms felt like alien to me, it is like living as a guest in somebody's house.

I restored the backup

Frustrated, I restored only one of my blog and let the other one go. This has calmed me down a bit. I had plans tp catch up on lot of reading but ended up doing techie stuff.

BTW the blog in installed a Ghost CMS which I adore! Worth the 5 USD/month price I think. In case you are planning for your own space, here are the technical instructions to install ghoston Digital ocean.

It is good to be back!


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