I figured out Why the single girl has so much energy.

I get tired all the time. I wake up tired when I don’t sleep well. I wake up tired when I have tummy ache. I wake up tired when I had too much to think.

Single girls are feeling emancipated. The #metoo moment along with wide protest against rapes have made her strong. But these are macro level environmental changes in the lives of the single women. But where does she get her day to day energy from ?

Here is a story of a single girl

Disclaimer : – I don’t know her name? I will barely recognise her face if I see her. But I feel her energy and I don’t like it. Maybe I am jealous of her life.

She hardly sleeps? She steps out of the house to party when I am in my bed trying to sleep. She comes home at 4 am. If she is home she is banging the door till 3 am or her lover is knocking the door. She loves passionately. But when the romance seems to be dying, she accuses her lover of secretly talking to other girls on social network. She fights more ferociously than she loves. But she has a big heart. She forgives also.

What has lately took over my thinking is – Why does this single girl has so much energy? Where does she derive her power from ?

Alas! Today I has an Eureka moment –

Our Brain takes up 20% of the energy. So If you don’t use your brain, you could use that extra 20% of energy. Now that explains why the single girl has so much energy, isn’t it ?