I have become the king of Mumbai and how?

I have become the king of Mumbai and how?

screen-shot-2014-11-15-at-1.58.31-pmA long time ago, A friend looked at my kundli and said, I would be the king of Mumbai. Since I had tremendous faith in her, I believed her and had been waiting for a windfall, expecting some Portuguese King to give me a dozen of flats in the posh areas of Mumbai. But that’s not happened so far.

So Its got me thinking, till recently I realised that, people having a lot of houses in Mumbai won’t make them a king of Mumbai. Also, this king and queen stuff is pretty embarrassing stuff to proclaim when there are about 60% of the Mumbai population living in slums.

The right definition for anyone to be the king of Mumbai is someone who can beat the traffic, which is slowly killing the Mumbai-ites. I have achieved the enviable task of beating the Mumbai traffic. A couple of years back, I sold my car because, with services like Uber and Ola around, I found maintaining a car, was painful, you know remember the stuff about servicing and repairs, parking woes in the city.

After moving around Uber and Ola, I decided to try the Mumbai Local Trains, and suddenly I started feeling extremely mobile and empowered, I could have breakfast in Matunga, Lunch in Powai and dinner in Ballard Pier and still manage to meet all my appointments and finish all my work.

The Mumbai local Train is magical, once you master the routes, you can zip around the city, trust me.

I would again reiterate, the person who can travel the length and breadth of Mumbai is truly the king of Mumbai.