I love you Vs I am in love

I am always curious how couples stay together over a long period of time. Are they madly in love with each other, is it possible to be in love over a period of extended time??? how long?? or they just love the other.

This big difference where two people are crazy, passionately in love to the more sublime,centered kind of love, where two people co-exist together.


The “I am madly in love” is passionate love, which burns up your adrenaline and you want to be with the other person all the time, and she/he is the center of your existence. It is a destructive kiind of love which creates a new person out of you perhaps. This kind of love is like a fresh flower which is going to wither away, but it makes you feel so alive as you can be.


While the more subtle “I love you but I think the girl I met at the party was hot” kind of love is really challenging, it is something where one has to be very creative, or it can soon turn into boredom and road to hell or perhaps just leave it as it is,if its meant to work it would or else.


If you were given a choice, who would you go for

 a) A person who you love




b) the hot girl you met at the party? who you are crazily in love. 

Disclaimer: Please don’t use the above words ” I love you, but i think the girl I met at the party was hot” you will be royally dumped!!!
Am I making sense???