I lurve marathi

Technically speaking as far as I know I am a Konkani by birth, raised in Bombay/Mumbai, and Marathi is not my mother tongue. Neither of my parents had a good command over Marathi language nor do I have (but my step mom is a maharastrian). But I was raised in a Marathi speaking neighborhood with madrasi neighbours. Growing up I spoke Marathi and hindi as my primarily language and English as secondary. Though I was educated in a convent, I couldn’t speak proper English till I was in 9th Std, when we shifted houses to Vile parle and I had a Christian friend who only spoke English, so being in a new neighborhood I had no choice but to give away my shame and talk in English.

But Marathi is a language I love or is a language of love. I love to watch people speaking Marathi especially kokanast Brahmins, I think they speak the most purest forms of the language or at least my experience as shown such. I can barely read Marathi now, and might take a year to complete a book, also Marathi movies are not a literary expression of this beautiful language.

I usually think in English, when I need to communicate with the world, but when I am really angry or really sad I express in Marathi to myself. May be that’s the reason I love this language, it’s the language of my heart. Marathi is the language which connects me to my past. I like the sound of the language, there are many words I wouldn’t even know the meaning, but hearing the sound is good for me, and I also blush if beautiful women speak in Marathi, No other language has this effect! But the accent has to be right, I don’t find the ghati type accent particularly appealing.(some might find it kinky wot say?)

It a childhood love, my first language, I really yearn to listen to someone who is speaks beautiful Marathi. There was this podcast which I loved which is also discontinued, but if you love the language as much as I do, check out the past episodes here is the link…. Mor Pisay http://www.podbazaar.com/view/126100789566373903  Maybe If enough Marathi request this lady she might start her podcasting again!

Disclaimer: Having said that I m not particularly fond of the so called Marathi manoos. I think the Marathi manoos can be a boring company, he can be petty, and shows no magnanimity.  Also though I don’t approve of  Bal thackerays ideology, but I like Bal Thackeray as a person somehow. When so many people put their faith in a single person, one has to take notice, the expression by the sena people are crude, but that’s how they know to express. I really have no answer as to how this crude expression can be refined. The Thackeray’s knows that the typical Marathi manoos yearns for pride(gaurav) and they feed them by these expression. If someone knows how to feed the pride or glory of the Marathi manoos, they will be no need of the SS and MNS.

Jai Maharashtra Jai Hind ! J

PS: All my punju, gujju, sindhi, bong friends, pls don’t get insecure, I love you all.