I want this I want that! Day 1

I want this I want that, I want love, I want money I want a beautiful house, I want kids I want power, I want more of this and more of that.
I guess I’m the biggest beggar in town. All of my being is about wants….
Is there anything like the biggest donor, I think we should meet.
I never thought myself as greedy, it quite a revelation when you look inside, I still can’t beleive this. All this desires/wants certainly not a good thing, or is it?

I have never given a serious thought to my desires, never made any plans to go after them, have always been happy with what was served to me.
I guess it’s time that I’m no longer happy with what was served to me, and I have to get what I want.
So Focus should be the key word and one should know what one wants, but what if the list is endless, is there a benchmark to my wants? I guess the painful part is working on and doggedly identifying the wants, analyzing whether it’s worth it, or do I really want it.

More on that later I guess… This is a part of my self medit programme where I have confined myself to solitary self exploration, to know myself and probably come up with a blue print for life. ( what luxury, isn’t it?)

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