I went on a vacation.

I went on a vacation, the old man and the old woman planned it, not my old man and old woman , but some random old man and woman.

You know you are on vacation when you wake up every morning in a new place , you have a feeling your mind has been rewired.

You know you are on vacation when you feel rejuvenated and revived.

You know you are on vacation when you meet new people.

There is no place for time on vacation , you know for sure time is a stupid invention of some bored ancestors who had nothing better to do.

I even interviewed my ex-manager , he came all the way to meet me, I interviewed him in a bus. I cant hire him again.

There weren’t any beaches or mountains, no cascading waterfalls or breathtaking views, but trust me it was a vacation.

There was this princess dressed as a peasant, and we fell in love. The old man and old woman take the princess away.

I come home.

after the vacation it all feels incoherent,

like a jigsaw puzzle,

like a collage of memories one remembers.

There is a ringing sound in your ears as you miss the voices which surrounded you.

So if you have missed me I am back now .