Imagine life of a Pi

This post is inspired by the book “Life of an Pi” and the song
Imagine by john Lennon. So sing along…

Imagine you are stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean..
With a tiger, a monkey and a giraffe..

Imagine there are no humans..
And if u jump out, you”ll have to learn to swim and save your life… Imagine that you have to strike a deal with the animals in the boat
and fishes in the sea

Imagine you wont see your children for the rest of their lives. Imagine the monkey screwing around and you telling your soulmate goodbye..

Imagine the tiger in love with the giraffe but wants to be your wife. Imagine you don’t have the fishes to feed the tiger, monkey and the
giraffe and you being eaten alive.

Imagine a life without the animals, and you making it safe and sound…