Interview with sexy sanyasin

As you know everyone has got a secret ambition, I have an ambition, I
want to become a sexy sanyasin (remember Vinod Khanna from OsHO days).
So I have this alter ego called Swami Mitwanand. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Swami Mitwanand done this am.

Q: Swamiji, GM, what are your areas of interests? Swami Mitwanand: I am only interested in myself, everything else is
just an extension of myself.

Q: very nice answer, Swamiji, what is your favorite genre of music? Swami Mitwanand: Relaxation or meditation music in the morning. Trance
or ambient music in the night.

Q: Swamiji, now a serious question, man is either chasing money or
chasing women, I feel very delusioned because of this. Can you please
guide me?

Swami Mitwanand: there is a direct correlation, let me explain. When
man has enough money he has a wife, when man has a bit of excess he
gets a mistress, but when man has inexhaustible amount of wealth he
gets a harem of concubines. Q So Swamiji, what’s is the solution? You haven’t given me a solution?

Swami Mitwanand: be patient, our ashrams are precisely meant for that.
We take all your money, so you have no money left to chase women. Q But Swamiji, your ashrams is filled with beautiful women from
foreign nationality? Do you think man would be safe here?

Swami Mitwanand: haha, all these beautiful women are just baits to
attract men with money. (We create the supply, the demand follows!)
They have been specially imported after paying heavy bribe to the
Ukrainian mental hospital. Q. Ukrainian women!!! but Swamiji, other ashrams have european and
American nationals!!

Swami Mitwanand: you got be patient, we are right now a start-up
ashram, and working our way west. (Swamiji, thank you for the interview, here are all my savings, I’m
ready to come and live in your ashram.)