Intimacy Issues crisis.

Now, the blogosphere is filled with tech write-ups, restaurant
reviews, food blogs and general and esoteric self help websites aka
Deepak Chopra style. No one ever writes about personal problems
anymore (serious agony aunt style) or I just am not reading about
these stuff anyway?? I have serious need to listen to other people’s problem, relationship
or personal or monetary problems. I have made some attempts to listen
to other people’s problems. To my utter dismay I found them all to be
utterly shallow and self-concocted. Don’t people ever have really
challenging situations anymore?

I guess the reason for this nosy curiosity is that I haven’t been in a
relationship for a very long time, and this might be a just me trying
to learn at other people’s expenses. This is becoming a serious
problem, since I have unfriended quite a few people who don’t have
real challenging issues. I suppose I have some very steep benchmarks for challenging problems
and to take anyones so called issues to be taken seriously, and I am
not seeing any around, except my own problems which is I think v v
challenging, but only if you were interested?

One of the reasons I have not heard or been a close confidante to
anyone is that I refuse to go on a buddy drinking spree! Isn’t life about listening to stories? I need a challenging real life
story, enough of the movies!

Note: I am not being callous here by belittling your problems/issues.
This post might sound lighthearted because everything has been said
very objectively and I am sure I can show sensitivity when time needs
it. I am just venting out here, and I hope the readers understand.