Is it a crush or are you in love?

May 12, 2014

Sometimes it’s important to know if it’s a crush or are you in love. Here are some pointers to know what is your case.

1) Crush is mostly one sided in reality, only in your deluded dreams can it be two sided.

2) In a crushing situation the person you are crushing may or may not know about it. If you are in love, the person might at-least care for you, if not love you back in the same intensity.

3) crushes can be major minor and you can have more than a few to be on the safer side. In Love you are involved with one person at a time. In major crushes your crush, might be the one and only one.

4) your crush may be a phase or might last a lifetime, but the relationship wouldn’t be as fulfilling as in when you are in love.

5) love is when you are so very sure.

Ok, just a few thoughts. If you disagree with these points , please leave a comment. If you agree get lost. You might have a crush on me 😀


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