Is Reading a good thing?

Is Reading a good thing?

This Question is a no brainer, everyone believes that reading is good; it makes you knowledgeable and erudite; it makes you a respectable bourgeois gentleman, it is what separates you from the lower ignorant class. But does it make you happy? Is it good for your relationships?

One of my dad’s friend was a prolific reader, the amount of books he had to give away, to make space for more books (though he used to live in a 3BHK) was a proof of his voracious appetite for books.

Once his wife remarked, that “Reading is a very selfish thing” and I believe she was talking from experience. I didn’t understand the seriousness of the statement then as I was a ten-year-old kid, but now I know what she means.

I have started avoiding all kinds of social situations and even relationships so I can be alone and read that is when I am not earning a living.

My reading is not as broad, I read about urbanisation as it helps me in my work, I read non-fiction and business books. I restrict myself to mostly Indian Authors. Recently I met a bookshop owner and he made me aware how much more I have to read, he showed me curated books from all over the world; he recommended a whole new genre in international authors. I bought so many books he recommended. I didn’t understand this greed in me, why do I need to read so much, where do I have the time?

You know, if you are interested in dating a girl, don’t give her Gifts or expensive jewellery, but spend your resources on something which you could do together. For example – A romantic dinner, or a picnic or go to play or a music concert, whatever but it should be something which she shouldn’t be able to consume alone.

But a person, whose only interest in Books, might get in trouble in a relationship, I mean reading means solitary confinement, it means years of introspection of oneself. It means an insatiable thirst for knowledge and information.

It may be that people who love books wish that they weren’t married, that they didn’t have children, and they had all the time for themselves to read all the books in the world. At least, I wished for it.

Maybe if all people in a family love books, then it wouldn’t be so much lonely for them, that would be a perfect family for a book lover. So if you love reading, I just hope that your reading is not at the expense of someone else’s loneliness.

There is a book by Junot Diaz called “This is how you lose her”, where the protagonist is so involved in enjoying his life by himself that he loses the love of his life.