Is Staying "Single" Expensive?

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend, after catching up on news about each other, the talk drifted to finances. 

He asked me “How much is your electrcity bill? I said about 5G in summers, he said his was around 6G (A family of 4/5). Then he said how many maids/helps do you have, I said 2, one comes to cook, and the other is a full time guy, who walks the dog, cleans and tidies the house, run errands and cooks for himself.

This conversation got me thinking about the ecomonic & social disadvantages of being Single.


The fixed cost will remain the same, it usually depends on the area/squarefeet. The bigger the house, the cost would rise, ex. Property tax, society maintainance charges, servant needed to maintain it. A single person also needs to eat 3/4 square meals a day, so does a family. So the cook per person is one of the luxury I have?? If you have more members in the family, they would be contributing to the expense kitty, thereby reducing total burden on a single person.

Question: Is it okay to get company, just to reduce your overheads? 


Being a single guy, you are automatically counted as being messed up, anti-social. But that’s easy to deal with, people who want to keep you away, I am more worried about people who want to be close to me. 

Your family is your first line of defense, if any outsider is trying to manipulate you, the concerned family members are the first people to raise the alarm. They are like your private body-guards (protecting you from any harm or warning you of any impending loss). As a single person, I always find myself more vulnerable. 

Flip Side:  When there is love in a family, its fine, but its not always the case. Sometimes your closest people can be working against you. In this case, its better to be single! 

Now, is there anyway singles of the world can get together and live happily ever-after?