Is the desire to control a necessary evil?

OK, iam tired on my own self indulgent writings, but sometimes i just write to get things out of my head .

We all love to control the outcome of any particular discussion, action , inaction or reaction. We control things by controlling people, sometimes by force, sometimes my our cleverness, sometimes by love.

What we actually control is the quantity of pleasure or pain we can endure. We as humans live our life seeking pleasure and minimising pain. But fuck someone said “No pain, no fucking gain”. So we begin to suffer, endure so we may gain more and more pleasure. 

The more we endure and suffer, the more determined and vicious and cunning we get to acquire our object of pleasure or the means to it. 

So the BIG QUESTION is , “Is controlling someone or some outcome a dictatorial pursuit , is the person a fascist or just a dynamic leader” . This is something history will tell. 

Basically, the desire to control is a basic need for “order” against disorder.  We want to wake up on the right side of our bed, we want our eggs to be sunny side up, we want our socks to be ironed, we expect to find our wallets and our car keys. We expect clients to pay us for our hard-work on time and not cheat on us. 

But what if the order doesn’t happen? Well the easiest way to restore order is to find alternatives or lower your expectations. Instead of planning that Europe vacation, settle for the Hill station in India. Instead of driving a Beamer , drive a less expensive car. If your kids dont get the required grades to qualify for a scholarship, think that most of the successful entrepreneurs are drop outs. 

But this is a vicious cycle, you keep on giving up on your desires and settling for less. One fine day you are left with nothing, which makes you again aspire for things you dont have.