Joy of Giving

Now when it comes to giving someone the best, you need to know what is the best and should have necessarily experienced the lack and the fulfilment of the so called “best” . For eg. If you need to recommend some haute restaurant or dish, you need to have experienced it first hand or atleast have some first hand information about the same. 

So we are all in a race to experience the “BEST” that the world has to offer and share with the person we love and treasure.

So while you are on your so called “best experience gathering trip” which takes all of your resources, a few dear and near ones will have to sacrifice the idea that you might have anything of you to share with them as you are using all the vital resources in gathering your “BEST LIFE EXPERIENCES”.

Now is there a way, that the loved one doesn’t get neglected while you are on your mission to conquer the world, is there a way the other person doesn’t have to sacrifice so that you may have the best?

So instead of compromising and adjusting for the other and sacrificing our cherished desires and expectation, we still move head on to get the best for us? 


I have decided not to demand or expect anything at all from any other person, If I have nothing to offer, I have no right to demand. This is my lesson in “GIVING”. I want to give without expecting anything. Iam not sacrificing any of my desires for the other, so there is no chance of attachment. I will just experience and cherish the joy of giving without looking back to whats in it for me. 

Its the only way, I can feel not guilty. I have went for all I wanted, and have not cared for anyone else. This is the grand jury which says Iam guilty and my punishment is to “give” and not expect to receive. 

(A thought,  just pouring it out )