Kalyani Nagar, Pune

I remember Pune fondly. My mother had bought a house there. Dad and I used to travel there often, sometimes sister used to accompany us. Those days were the happiest days of my growing up. I had just learnt driving, I was 14/15. We had a beautiful brown Toyota which drove like a dream.

Since the building was new. The bathrooms in the house with hot and cold showers felt like being in a hotel and not a house. Mother was very vulnerable as her daughter had fled and married to a guy she didn’t approve off.

Is that when people are most vulnerable they are at their kindest best. Emotional Pain can make you blind to other people’s fault’s.

Pune was so beautiful. The winter actually felt like winter, unlike mumbai weather where we get 4 days of winter in a year from Dec 25th to 1st of Jan.

Pune is also where I went to do my diploma in Engineering. I didn’t enjoy my Engineering days. I felt I was sick or sleepy most of the time. I never attended any classes. Still I managed to pass is some kind of miracle.

My favourite place that time in Pune was M G Road. The walk there was very pleasurable. Those high shopping streets are vibrant with life.

Oh! Pune I miss you!