Keep all the people who you love close to you!!

This must be one of the most primitive and essential human needs. The need to have all the people who love you and who you love, close to you. 

This must be the reason why people marry each other, have kids together, so the bond is difficult to break off! This is the reason why a father wants his son to manage their family business. This is also the reason why people want to marry their sons and daughter in the same community or caste.

Every relationship then becomes a win-win deal. A husband expects a wife to do her bit, wife expects a husband to be a good provider. Children are expected to marry the right girl/boy and make parents proud. I have difficulty following these rules of the society. 

It does make the community stronger, the family stronger, but sometimes it stifles the individual, does it?

Well I have been scheming now, I want to keep people I love close to me, I want to create such give and take relationships. But I have nothing to give, I can only take.

Who would want such a deal. What do I put up on the table?? I don’t belong to any caste or community, I dont belong to any religious/political/business groups. I am not a businessman/father/husband/ or a son. 

These questions are bothering my mind!!!