Keeping Regular hours

I have crossed my mid life, and till now have never ever kept regular
hours, i.e I have never eaten my lunches and breakfast on time, never
done my exercises on time. I guess you get the picture. I always
believed in living the rockstar lifestyle and not the 9 to 5 
lifestyle. Let me narrate a incidence.

Once I had a employee of mine accompanying me on one of the work
trips, It was around 3.30 pm i was still keen on completing my work
assignment and had completely forgotten about lunch. My employee ( a
6 feet tall and strong ex army man) had tears in his eyes! I was
shocked, I asked him what is the matter, dude! He replies, “Sir, What
is use of earning so much money, when we cant have meals at regular
times? “. I was ashamed of my inconsiderate behaviour and then always
made it a point that if this guy was with me, I would take a lunch
break as he used to drive my car. I also realised that perhaps taking regular meals might be important.
But I nevertheless discarded this fancy idea of regular hours, I
believe in eating when you are hungry or when your biological clock
says so.

So since a week, I have trying to lead regular hours, its
excruciating, if i plan to sleep at 12pm, i feel sleepy around 9pm and
the stay awake till 3am. But I haven’t given up, I am going to stick to a schedule for next 3 months.